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You can place a request with the name of the part and equipment for which it is intended, or send us photos, diagrams, drawings, description to find the right parts or selection of an analogue.


You can make a request for selection of equipment and spare parts online, by mail t.lobanova@lm-industry.de or contact us by phone +49 7234 2989977 for more information about the availability, cost and delivery time of The equipment or components you are interested in.


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Schellbronnerstr. 35, Pforzheim, 75181, Deutschland


Тел. +49 7234 2989977

Факс +49 7234 2989965


E-mail: info@lm-industry.de

E-mail: t.lobanova@lm-industry.de



Our specialization:


deliveries of the industrial equipment, accessories and spare parts for machine building-mechanical engineering, metallurgy and other industries


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